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As the first place in Spain to see the sunrise, Menorca is like the country’s ambassador in the morning. Its beaches and coves are beautiful jewels each one with its own charm and magnetism which makes exploring the island so exciting and interesting. The Northern Beaches are wild, their reddish sands and the bluish greens of the sea envelop everything in a unique natural environment. The southern beaches are paradisiacal places, a dream setting for the most desired vacations Here its waters are turquoise and crystal clear, with fine white sand. The nature that defines Menorca is one of the greatest attractions, for windsurfing, sailing and for lovers of hiking routes, par excellence, is the “Camí de Cavalls”; with a network of public rural roads and trails that reveal the island’s landscape and environmental diversity. Discovering Menorca by bike is another stimulating experience with its variety of terrain that includes plains, ravines and narrow cliffs, making the experience an adventure. Do not hesitate to ask what else you can do in Menorca!


Delve into the alleys of this beautiful Menorcan town and let yourself be carried away by its history. You will discover that the nine thousand neighbors are really welcoming people with their visitors. One of the visits you can do is LÔAC, a contemporary art museum with a large collection of works by well-known artists such as Joan Miró, Miquel Barceló, Jaume Plensa… A visit well worth it! You can also enter the recently renovated church of Santa Eulàlia, next to the Des Fossar square where there is a sculpture dedicated to King Jaume II. Under this sacristy hides an air-raid shelter from the Civil War that can also be visited. Other emblematic spaces are the Convent of Sant Diego and the Pati de Sa Lluna, the hermitages of Sant Llorenç de Binixems and Sant Pere Nou, or the Town Hall. But Alaior stands out for its industry. It currently still has large factories such as COINGA and La Payesa, both producers of Cheese D.O. Mahon-Menorca; the factory of Pons Quintana footwear; pastry and bakery shops such as Can Sintes or Ca na Maru… Undoubtedly, the most important festivals in the city are those of Sant Llorenç (August 10 or the end of the following week if it falls during the week) when the horses run through the streets and jump in the plaza to the rhythm of the ruckus while people celebrate with the famous “pomada”.


In Alaior is the largest Talayotic settlement in Menorca, Torre d’en Galmés. Located on a hill, it has beautiful views of the south coast of the island and preserves remains of many prehistoric buildings. If you like history, it is a perfect place to visit, although it is not the only Talayotic town of the municipality. There are also those of Torralba d’en Salort, Torrellisar, Rafal Rubí, So na Caçana… For families with children we also recommend the Lloc de Menorca, a small center open-air zoo with a wide variety of native breeds and also exotic species of the world.


Alaior, being part of an island, has some beautiful beaches. Son Bou is the longest of Menorca, with fine sand and crystalline waters and it is perfect to spend the day with family. It also is known for beautiful sunsets. Cala en Porter has it all. An urbanized cove with crystal clear waters, white sand and amazing view. It is in this urbanization where the famous Cova de’n Xoroi is located, perfect to watch the sunset after a day at the beach. Calescoves, as its name suggests, is wedged between cliffs full of caves, some 90 excavated by the first settlers of the island. La Cala de Sant Llorenç and Cala Llucalari are two other coves with enormous peace and tranquility to arrive at after a beautiful excursion.


Due to its geographical location, ravines predominate in Alaior, well preserved thanks to the declaration of Menorca as a Biosphere Reserve. The Cala en Porter ravine is the second longest on the island and is full of fruit trees. The Llucalari ravine, located next to Son Bou, is smaller but an excursion through it is well worth it. The Son Boter ravine is one of the most important in the south of Menorca and opens onto the meadow of Sa Canessa. Finally, the Barranco d’en Rellotge, has a great wealth of flora. Our environment is perfect for organizing a vacation in style. We will wait for you!

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